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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hello Texans Fans, This APP is dedicated for you!

Hey folks, I just released new apk, its dedicated for everybody who loves football, yea we're talking about American Football! especiall Texans Fans.
About what? this application presents Houston Texans Football News, Gallery and Videos Highlights, enjoy folks... check this out the screen...

Download this app via google playstore:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Release: Breakdance Live Wallpaper

Breakdance Live Wallpaper

Hello Breakdance Lovers, this app will present awesome breakdance on your device as live wallpaper, cool isn't it? Download Breakdance Live Wallpaper for free, install it, activate it and let's dance!

How to activate it?
+ after installing Breakdance Live Wallpaper apk, go to settings -> display -> wallpaper -> live wallpaper

   you'll see Breakdance Live Wallpaper, then tap it to activate and settings app.

This apk is available here to download

Release: Skydiving Live Wallpaper

Released yesterday, I just missed to write on my blog, as its name, this apk will show the excitement of skydivers on their action in the sky.

Check this out,

This apk is available at google play store,

Release: Ballerina Live Wallpaper

Yay,... Ballerina,..
This application is designed to bring the beauty of ballet dances into your device, you should install this app on your device, it will transform your device more attractive.

Here it is a few screenshot of Ballerina Live Wallpaper,

Ballerina Live Wallpaper is available for free at

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Release: Life Surfing Wallpaper

Hello folks, this is our first release in the market, this application is presenting awesome live surfing wallpaper, check this out the video below
Download Live Surfing Wallpaper / Android